How do I find out what serving opportunities are available?
You'll find several serving opportunities by visiting our Step In To Service page and checking out different options to serve Sundaysserve kidsserve womenserve worship and serve mission.

How do I begin serving?
Each individual entry point may look and feel a little different depending on the volunteer opportunities you decide to explore. Some opportunities require advance registration while many simply let you just "show up." Regardless of the process involved, the important thing is to get started. Information is listed with each opportunity when you search online. If you are still unsure what your next step should be, feel free to talk with any ministry leader.


What is expected of me?
Expectations will vary from role to role, however you can rest assured there is a process in place to ensure that you are equipped and trained. Every role has an assigned team leader whose responsibility is to set you up to win. The most important thing you can do is to show up and be ready to go when you say you will. Should you ever have any questions about what is expected of you be sure to talk with your team leader. Good, open communication is the best method to ensure the serving opportunity is a good fit for both you and the ministry.

What is the time commitment?
This is the true beauty of volunteering. You can tailor your serving to fit your schedule and your season of life. If schedule is a primary factor in the selection of your serving role, each volunteer role has a time requirement associated so you can find an opportunity that fits your schedule.

Do you do background checks on family ministry volunteers?
Yes, every person working directly with our children will have a background check because we take our children's safety very seriously. We have a spot for everyone at MHBC, but people who have a history of violent crimes or are a registered sex offender will not be allowed to volunteer with family ministries.

I love people but can't teach; do you need me?
There is a spot for everyone in our various ministries whether you're an up front kind of person or someone who wants to remain behind the scenes.

Is there a place at MHBC for me to volunteer?
Absolutely! While we understand that many people may wonder if they are needed or could make a difference, the truth of the matter is that you are needed and you can make a difference. You don't have to look deep to unveil that ministry opportunities abound while people resources are in short supply. God has a calling on this church. It will take us all: paid and non-paid--to step to the plate in order to achieve His vision. Join the challenge!