A story partly reflected in our current campus—originally a bar and saloon. This place of relationship has now been transformed into a place of redemptive relationship where people are being changed as we connect and experience a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.


Our mission is to connect people into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.

We fulfill our mission through three major types of environments that give people opportunities to grow their vital relationship: Step In, Step Deeper and Step Out. Each step is created to facilitate relationship with Jesus through classes, groups and service opportunities that teach us to get engaged, disciple and serve. 

Everything we do at MHBC is designed to help people move into a vital relationship with Jesus. We want vitality for everyone who comes to MHBC and for everyone in the community around us. To us, vitality is expressed when we love selflessly, think biblically, live humbly, engage missionally and serve generously.


The core values express the culture of our church. These are shared convictions that guide us and characterize everything we seek to do. 

  1. Scripture: God's truth we stand on and live by. Scripture is the Spirit-inspired revelation of God and His plan for a redemptive relationship through Jesus. It is the authoritative truth and guide for life. A vital relationship with Jesus Christ is revealed here.
  2. Relationship: Together is better than alone. God exists in a trinity, so relationships matter. God created the local church (the body of Christ) to be a relational environment for restoration and transformation of individuals, families and communities into Jesus' likeness. A vital relationship with Jesus Christ grows here.
  3. Grace: The Gospel changes everything. We deserve judgment—God gives forgiveness and a new righteous identity. This is made possible through Jesus' life, death and resurrection. This gift from God is our model, motivation, and ministry in life. A vital relationship with Jesus Christ is expressed here.
  4. Discipleship: Everyone plays. Jesus made disciples and told his followers to do the same. There were no spectators... there were no bleachers. A disciple has surrendered to Jesus as Lord, following Him with fruit-bearing maturity in Christ, serving others in love as we make disciples who make disciples. A vital relationship with Jesus Christ multiplies here.
  5. Prayer: We are desperate. Prayer was at the heart of Christ's life, teaching and ministry. His Church has been called to hold it central, and God's followers throughout history have declared their dependance on the Creator and Sustainer of life through devoted conversation with Him. A vital relationship with Jesus Christ is empowered here.


We don't want to gather and hope that vital relationships grow. We want to be active and strategic by making a way that helps everyone identify their place on this journey together toward Jesus. Our method is to create three types of opportunities for three overarching stages of our faith journey.

When Jesus saw his disciples living their lives as fishermen in Galilee, He invited them to STEP IN to discipleship. Whether you are attending for the first time or been around for a while we have created classes, groups and service opportunities for you to STEP IN.

The journey with Jesus is exactly that. It is a journey, a process and after you have spent time in our STEP IN environments, we invite you to STEP DEEPER. Our values of Scripture, Relationship, Discipleship and Grace become more significant in these environments as we provide classes, groups and mission experiences that will help people STEP DEEPER.

Something powerful happened at the resurrection. Jesus appeared to his disciples and commanded them to STEP OUT. His mission was to be larger than a vision for Jerusalem or Israel but for the entire world. They were called to STEP OUT to make disciples who would go on to make disciples. Our STEP OUT classes, groups and mission projects are designed around high level leadership and disciple making.


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