Connecting people into a vital relationship with Jesus.

It has been a great year living out our mission to connect people in vital relationship with Jesus. As we have lived out our mission, our vision has grown and we have become passionate about tipping our South Valley culture toward Jesus. In this culture shifting, Jesus-connecting work we are doing, we are all called to steward our resources toward God's Kingdom work individually and corporately. This is our year end report to you, letting you know some stories and statistics around God's movement in and throughout our church. We hope to provide continued transparency around how we use the resources God has blessed us with through you.


Baptism is an important and meaningful step for every believer.

These last few weeks in worship, we witnessed 7 people on a single weekend commit their life to Jesus for the first time. Commitments like this have become more and more frequent and our courtyard has become a wonderful environment for the celebration of baptism. Seeing kids perched on parents' shoulders and our whole church family gathered for the celebration reminds us of the amazing work Jesus did for us on the cross and the incredible opportunity of rebirth through Him. Our most important measure of effectiveness in ministry is baptism and we celebrate that God has been bringing more and more people to MHBC for baptism into new life.



new baptisms this year

as of July 2017



Our potential for growth was limited at the end of summer 2016. In October 2016, we successfully launched Saturday night services and immediately doubled our capacity to invite friends and neighbors to meet Christ with us at MHBC. So many of you have stepped in to lead kids small groups, student ministries, greet on the courtyard, help people in the auditorium and lead in worship. Our church, through God's work in us, accomplished the impossible.

Over 100 attenders became volunteers.

MHBC Volunteers in 2016 (%)

MHBC Volunteers in 2017 (%)


Over the past year, God has blessed us tremendously. He continues to provide for us the resources and ministries we need to continue our mission to connect people into a vital relationship with Jesus. Because we plan our annual budget based on the previous year's income, we take a direct lead from God's provided vision and look forward to the new year. This last year has allowed us to dream big for the coming year. We can't wait to see how God provides.

The following numbers here are intended to give a picture of how we steward God's provision. Also, staffing expenses are spread through the ministries based on the year's committed staff hours.


Where we spend God's money (In Percentage %)


Budget Growth (2012 - 2016)


Mission global

At Morgan Hill Bible church, we are committed to making a global impact for God's Kingdom. 10% of every dollar that is given goes to our global and local mission efforts. We support multiple global mission partners working in places like Asia, Brazil, Europe, Central America and more.


*The numbers on the map correspond to the listed numbers below. 



Hector & Norma
Barnabas Association/Mexico, Inc.
Cinco de Mayo, Mexico


Dustin & Ginny
Asia Connect
Chiangmai, Thailand


Ted & Judy
Global Fellowship
India & Southeast Asia


Brad & Julie
Grace Ministries International


Open Doors Library
Berlin, Prague & Budapest


John & Eriko
Sendai & Fukushima, Japan


Dean, Cindy & Heidi
World Venture
Middle East


World Venture
Tokyo, Japan


Wellington & Tatiane
World Venture
Sao Paolo, Brazil

World Venture
Sao Paolo, Brazil

Restoration Ministries
General Fund
Sao Paolo, Brazil


Jim & Annie
World Venture
Baja California, Mexico


Louis & Lisa


Local Outreach

At Morgan Hill Bible church, we are committed to making a local impact for God's Kingdom. 10% of every dollar that is given goes to our global and local mission efforts. We support multiple local outreach opportunities through the Gilroy Compassion Center, Discovery Counseling Center and more.


Gilroy Compassion Center


average monthly meals served at Saturday Supper


average weekly
manna bags made


average monthly visits to Gilroy Compassion Center





individuals or households assisted through Benevolence this year




individual clients served at the Gilroy location (163 visits YTD)


women attended their post-abortion recovery class


ultrasounds performed so far


All data is up-to-date as of July 2017.


Mission Forward

Each year, based on all that God has done, we establish church-wide goals which direct our work toward our mission of connecting people into a vital relationship. Below are our goals for this coming year. Thank you for joining us in this journey of bringing God's Kingdom influence to the South Valley!



Successful launch of Small Groups Ministry with 40% of the congregation stepping into Small Groups.


Develop a plan to have facilities which help us to tip the culture of the South Valley toward Christ.


Strengthen our leadership culture and become a church which develops leaders for the Kingdom in our church and in the world.


Further development of our local mission impact through the formation of a local mission team, which will begin to structure serving opportunities for those wishing to step in and step deeper into discipleship here at MHBC.


Develop partnerships with like-minded churches in the South Valley to tip the culture of the South Valley toward Christ.