3.15.15 | Are You The King?

Dr. Dave Whitaker | Mark 15:1-15

Sin is when we substitute ourselves for God. In our arrogance, we demand that God come and pay for our sins; that He come and be judged for the crimes we've committed. If we truly believe that Jesus was the Judge that was judged for you and me, we wouldn't have to live like we're always on trial.

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These questions are provided for your further study and application of this message. It is helpful to discuss your answers with others such as your Community Group, family, friends or an accountability partner.

  1. What is your take away from this message?
  2. What insights into Pilate's and Jesus' character does this story offer? Why is Jesus silent?
  3. Why do the people, after witnessing Jesus' miracles, hearing His teaching and praising Him with hosannas, now demand that Jesus be crucified?
  4. Why does Pilate grant their request?
  5. What insights to the gospel do you see in the release of Barabbas in exchange for Jesus (see Mark 8:37; 10:45)?
  6. What do you think you would have done in Pilate's place? In Barabbas' place? In the soldier's place?
  7. Write out a prayer in response to what the Lord has taught you through this study and what steps in response He might want you to take.

Angela Mannino

Creative Designer | Morgan Hill Bible Chruch