8.23.15 | Psalms of the Soul: Addressing My Doubts

Dr. David Whitaker | Psalm 73

The Psalms are interesting because they deal with our human heart. They dig deep into the recesses of heart and discover and deal with our feelings... but in a very different way than we might deal with them. Some of us take the religious approach: we stuff  and deny our feelings because it might not win favor with God. Others take the pop culture approach: this holds to the sovereignty of our feelings.

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These questions are provided for your further study and application of this message. It is helpful to discuss your answers with others such as your Community Group, family, friends or an accountability partner.

  1. What is your "take away" from this message?
  2. What is the Psalmist's nagging doubt in this psalm (vv.2-3)?
  3. What has he seen (vv.4-12)? What attitudes may be undermining his faith?
  4. Do you think the Psalmist is objective in what he sees? Why or why not? What does he find both attractive and negative in the lifestyle, world-view and agnosticism of the rich?
  5. What was he hoping his "clean heart" would get him (vv.13-14)? What caused him to change his mind (vv.15-17)?
  6. To what might the "sanctuary of God" refer? What new insight does he gain? Why does he feel like God sleeps (v.20; see 35:23; 44:23)?
  7. What glory does the Psalmist have in mind (vv.24-25; see 16:9-11)? What path will he take towards it (vv.23-28)?
  8. What hope literally surrounds the Psalmist's envy and despair (vv.1,28)?
  9. Do you ever share his envy? Does his insight satisfy you? Why or why not?
  10. When you have stumbled in this area, how have you recovered your balance? How can we help you?
  11. Have you had a "sanctuary" experience? When/where? What happened? What are you doing to keep that faith perspective alive?
  12. What is one key thing that the Lord has taught you and/or one response that He is asking you to take? Write out a prayer of response?

Angela Mannino

Creative Designer | Morgan Hill Bible Chruch