How do I learn to love the Bible?

How do I learn to love the Bible? I was heading in to give the welcome for our weekend service a few weeks back, and I was stopped by someone in our community with that exact question. I love that question. I quickly listened for what was happening on stage—Billy still has a few verses and a chorus left, I have time! But I fumbled for words. How do I condense the love God has given me for His Word into a few sentences? 

My mind went back to my first mentor after I started following Jesus. He had instilled in me a practice of writing down every question that came up as I read through the Bible. This one thing began a lifelong pursuit of wrestling and finding answers to all those questions. I've been challenged, shaped, and transformed through God's Word. It has often been the troubling passages, the ones that brought up more questions than answers, the ones that most awaken my curiosity that have planted themselves deep within me and done the best job drawing me closer to Jesus. There are many times when my questions can’t be answered quickly—I have one question in particular I have been chewing on for 15 years—but the ongoing process of going back to Scripture, to my church community, and to prayer continues to connect me in vital relationship with Jesus.


Tyler Allred

Director of Men’s Ministry, Missions & Small Groups

We don’t study Scripture to be “better at studying Scripture.” We wrestle and question our way through the Bible because it connects us with our living and real Creator God. So what about you? When is the last time you’ve read your bible until you found a question you just couldn’t answer? What practice can you adopt to start your own journey of wrestling and questioning your way through God’s incredible Word? Maybe it starts with a simple prayer like this:“God give me more love and curiosity for your Word, and start today!

Angela Mannino

Creative Designer | Morgan Hill Bible Chruch