Undercover in Kids Ministry

Looking for clues as to what your kids are up to at church? You’re in the right place! There are so many wonderful things happening in kids ministry this December!

Right now, kids are learning the life application of compassion – caring enough to do something about someone else’s need. During class times, we will be reading through the Christmas story with plenty of help from the kids acting out each part!

Wondering what the “theme” is this month? We are sending kids on mission for “Undercover Christmas!” This theme comes with two key challenges:

1. Families were given an Advent calendar. Each day, they are to read part of the Christmas story together and are given an activity they can do to show compassion (cookies for neighbors, paying for coffee, caring for friends, etc.)

2. Families were given an envelope that has TOP SECRET written on it. Inside were three Christmas cards and special instructions to pick  “targets” to write an anonymous encouraging note to. 

3. This weekend, kids will write a Christmas card to our missionaries in the Congo!

Our volunteer party last weekend had over 40 volunteer leaders! It was such a fantastic time of connecting together and truly a blessing to connect as a family. A new couple (Andy and Yolie Burrows) shared in their testimony that they haven't served in 5 years because they had a history of not feeling appreciated at their last church. They have recently started leading our 4/5th graders and are loving it and excited to feel a part of the team. It was beautiful to see a team of people whose ages ranged was 14 - 70 years old,  all laughing together during the gift exchange (where they all stole with absolutely no remorse….).

Coming up in January, we will be learning what God says about self-control! Thank you for the blessing it is to have your children in our kids ministry, and our deepest gratitude to all our amazing volunteers!


Angela Mannino

Creative Designer | Morgan Hill Bible Chruch