Mozambique and MedAir need you!

By Tyler Allred

On March 14th Hurricane Idai hit Mozambique. On April 25th Hurricane Kenneth made land fall; the first time in recorded history that two strong tropical cyclones have hit Mozambique in the same season. The torrential rain and flooding created an inland “ocean” covering the distance from Gilroy to San Jose (30 miles).

· An estimated 1.85 million people have been affected, more than 140,000 people have taken shelter in 161 sites across different provinces.

· Roads and other infrastructures were severely damaged. Many locations are still not accessible by road and many communities have not yet been reached.

· People have gone through incredible suffering. Thousands of people were stranded on roofs and trees.

Many families were separated as they fled the rising flood waters, while others were trapped on high ground, unable to access basic goods and services for days.

Tens of thousands of people were displaced, many having to flee with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Partially destroyed road - Pemba, MOZ.jpg

In 1 Corinthians 16, which we will be studying in a few weeks, the Apostle Paul exhorts his small local church to think about the hardships of the people on the other side of the Roman Empire and take up a collection to send along with other churches to the aid of the brothers and sisters in Jerusalem. In the same way, we want to pray for and send aid to brothers and sisters around the world when events like this happen.

Let’s take some time to pray for Mozambique. Pray also for Tatiane and Wellington Barros, our missionaries in Mozambique. Their area was not directly hit by the storm, but they have been called to reach the people of Mozambique with the Gospel and are on the ground reaching families for Christ.

We are also partnering with MedAir, a global faith-based aid and rescue organization to aid in the long-term recovery efforts for the people impacted by Idai and Kenneth. We will have more information in the coming weeks, but start praying now how God might be asking you to give to this recovery effort. MedAir estimates that their total recovery effort will add up to over $500K; for individuals a gift of $50 can provide an emergency shelter for one family; $20 provides a basic hygiene and water filtration kit.

Text MOZ to 84321 to give any amount of your choice towards the relief effort! 

Here is one parting quote from a woman who received aid from MedAir after the storm:

“Before today, we were eating once a day, only small portions, trying not to think about how hungry we were. Tonight, we will have a big meal, beans, rice. Dear, bring pots and pans! Mom will cook for you tonight! And tomorrow we will have leftovers for breakfast ..and lunch...and dinner! Christ is not dead, he is alive, he is with us and you are the proof of that”