10.4.15 | Gospel in Community: Gospel of Grace

Dr. David Whitaker | Ephesians 2:1-10

How does God's grace affect us individually? Collectively? As a church? In school? At work? God's gospel of grace should be permeating every area of our lives. Each and every one of us needs to grow up in this gospel and we need each other to do that. 

Download or listen to Gospel of Grace to hear more.

These questions are provided for your further study and application of this message. It is helpful to discuss your answers with others such as your Community Group, family, friends or an accountability partner.

  1. What is your take away from this message?
  2. What was one of the best gifts you received as a child? What made it so special to you?
  3. Read Ephesians 2:1-10. What does it mean to be "dead in sin"? What caused this? Why must God take the initiative to give life? How does Christ's experience (1:20-23) compare to ours (2:5-7)?
  4. What is the relation between wrath and love (2:3-4)? Between grace and works (2:8-10)?
  5. Read John 1:14-18. How would someone "full of grace and truth" treat others? Have you received his grace and truth? Are you giving grace and truth to others?
  6. Applying Scripture to our lives is important. What is keeping you from receiving God's grace? What is keeping you from giving God's grace?
  7. Write out a prayer in response to what the Lord has taught you through this study.

Angela Mannino

Creative Designer | Morgan Hill Bible Chruch