4.12.15 | The Art of Loving: The First Marriage

Dr. Dave Whitaker | Genesis 2:18-25

There is an art to loving. In the first chapters of Genesis, God gave us marriage to shape and fulfill us. Often, however, we take what God designed and make our relationships personal idols. We lose sight of the reality that God needs to be our first priority.

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These questions are provided for your further study and application of this message. It is helpful to discuss your answers with others such as your Community Group, family, friends or an accountability partner.

  1. What is your take away from this message?
  2. What do Genesis 1:26-29 and 2:7-25 teach about our original nature and character? Our purpose and tasks? Our likeness to the animals? To God?
  3. Male and female jointly express God's image... what does that mean?
  4. God is often described as a "helper" (e.g., Hosea 13:9; Psalm 115:9-11). What can a wife learn from this in her role (vv. 18, 20)?
  5. How would you characterize the relationship between Adam and Eve? Between them and God? What makes this kind of relationship possible?
  6. What about the intimacy and openness experienced in this chapter seems normal to you? What seems abnormal in your experience?
  7. How would you describe you relationship with God? More like a distant relative, a divine lover, or a perfect stranger? How might you draw closer to Him?
  8. Is there a relationship in your life that has become an idol for you? If so, how has that expressed itself?
  9. What steps can you take to give Jesus Christ His rightful place in your life?
  10. Write out a prayer in response to what the Lord has taught you through this study and what steps in response He might want you to take.

Angela Mannino

Creative Designer | Morgan Hill Bible Chruch