God has used Morgan Hill Bible Church to transform hundreds of lives. Every volunteer has a hand in that life transformation process from the smiling greeter to the person holding the baby to the guy who sets up and tears down the speakers. It's a great team that God has assembled. Choose one below to read more about what these key teams do.


Courtyard Prayer

Goal: Provide a constant place for and presence of prayer that is approachable for anyone wanting prayer.

Job Description

  1. Show up early, prepare in prayer and ready to go.
  2. Avoid distraction so that people feel they can approach you and know that you are giving them your undivided attention.
  3. Invite people to share prayer needs and engage in prayer with them.


Goal: That every person who steps on our campus feels a sense of welcome, warmth and connection.

Job Description

  1. Wear a warm smile and create an atmosphere of welcome.
  2. Make sure people know where to find the sanctuary, kids ministry for their children, coffee, bathrooms and more information.


Goal: Provide tools and remove barriers that would otherwise hinder the best facilitation of connection to Christ through worship.

Job Description

  1. Show up early, prepare in prayer and ready to go.
  2. Greet people and offer them a bulletin.
  3. Help unfamiliar people find a space to sit; help people find seats together and create that space if needed.
  4. Ensure a safe environment by knowing emergency procedures and leading event response.

Welcome & Information

Goal: To create a safe place for people to explore their next steps, get information and ask questions.

Job Description

  1. Create a warm, informed atmosphere that is easily approachable.
  2. Be familiar with the church's mission, core values and strategy.
  3. Be familiar with the church calendar.
  4. Help people identify their next step.

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