A Fifth Wheel Blessing

We recently heard a beautiful story from Mike Wells and his friends stepping up to bless a family that lost everything in the Camp Fire that swept across parts of Northern California last month. We want to celebrate how God is moving in our community, and this is the perfect example! Here is what Mike had to say:

“I'm very excited to share with you guys something that's happened with the small groups that Mitch and Carol Rand, and Karen and I are part of. I had offered the use of a fifth wheel trailer that I have to somebody who had been affected by the Camp Fire, and I had reached out to our sister churches in Chico with the offer of same. I heard back from Chad at Orchard Church of a need, so I put out to both of the groups that I'm in what I was doing and asked if anybody was interested in helping further. The response was overwhelming! The front storage compartment of the fifth wheel was filled with all sorts of stuff, as well as some totes that were picked up as well. Sheets, towels, a coffee pot, tools, dishes, totes, and the like. Additionally, over $700 in cash was given. Due to my current situation at home, Karen and I were not able to take the fifth wheel up there, but Mitch and Ted Rand volunteered to take it. We have an awesome God; who would have ever thought it's better to give then to receive?! I'm sending this to you guys not to brag, but because I'm so stinking excited for this couple, and I feel so blessed to be part of a community that loves and serves others. There aren't words to express it!”

Wow! We love hearing this and are so thankful for the work that they put into sharing the love of Christ with others. What a beautiful story of living out the Gospel!

Have a story you want to celebrate? Give us a call or shoot us an email! We would love to hear how God is moving in our community.