MH Seniors: We Rejoice!

Even though I am a senior, I was not looking to get involved in a seniors ministry. I had plenty of other things to do. It would seem that God did not take that as a very good excuse. In October, my small group, lead by Judith Burnett, took on the job of pulling together a senior event. In doing so we discovered MHBC has approximately 278 seniors 55+. We divided up those names and called each one. The dust settled on 102 seniors wanting to be included in any future opportunities. We then divided up those names and created, what we call, Care Communicators (6 in all) who will keep their list of seniors informed while allowing us to know how they are doing. A two way communication. The team then can develop better ways to support them. My friend Lanette Whitaker has said, “As seniors, we want to stay on mission to build and impact community across generations.” There are approximately 3,558 seniors living in our community. We have a big job in front of us - touching MH’s senior community while impacting our own young people. We, as seniors, have much to offer the body of Christ.

I continue to be amazingly surprised when someone asked me how they can participate. It would seem God is serious about serving our seniors here, at Morgan Hill Bible Church, and in our community.

So we rejoice! we look forward.

- By Karen Muphy